Tips to prepare your first Marketing Proposal


Become an agent 007 and scientific

Likewise, James Bond and discover why your prospective customer does not win on the Internet and then become a scientist who offers the magic formula to succeed online. Yes, really it confirms that you then have the powers to implement this formula, if you win the prospective client that you will lose.

For both scenarios have to spend time and my advice is that recicles ideas from other proposals to always create a new one for each client

Do a good structure in your proposal

The important thing is that throughout the proposal hold your attention from your client, so watch this model I propose:

Problems (for which you hired)
Solution (strategies, tactics and actions you propose)
About you (where you finish finally convince him that there is nobody better than you)

Share your successes

The agencies share their credentials which have a dataset of potential interest to your customers, in your case I invite you to share more than the logos of your clients. Share eg:

Project success stories you’ve managed
Share testimonials from your customers with photo, name and title
Make a list of things you’ve done to help other customers
General advice

Be careful with a trace of another client to be making a proposal re-adapting other existing
Spelling care
Shows flexibility in your proposal if your client is one that always has a catch
Do not include the budget unless you have asked the customer what
Use direct words and convincing no generic and boring
He also detailed without busting
Make a proposal KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)
If you’re going to include budget constraints also specifies that anyone would have to then ask for more