Tips for making the best online marketing proposal

Whether it’s for a consultancy or the provision of training always prepare a document that reflects the passion for online marketing and I have some points that are needed to succeed. I can swear to you that most of my proposals are approved, if you want to know why read on.

1 – Add passion to your proposal

I’m not asking you to be corny, I ask you to be romantic he @ and learn to seduce your next client, this can be done in different ways:

Uses a tone close
Take care of the details
use a good template base
personalize things with colors, fonts and logo of your customer
Do you notice that you care about the customer
Do not give flowers (much bla bla) give the possibility to achieve better results
2- Make a proposal your grandmother understand

It’s no nonsense, sometimes we believe that everyone know the technical things of our profession and it is not. Most customers are looking fans in social networks and do not understand the Edgerank Facebook, seek publicity and does not understand the ICC. Your proposal has to understand someone who has no idea what you’re talking, so you have more chance of success. For this part I recommend the following:

Detailing your proposal with little technical words and your most common customer.
If necessary includes a slide as a dictionary, but the eye does not look first definition, try to explain with words.
It includes examples for your prospective client understand better and have an idea.
Preparing sketches of the proposal have something generic not have to spend a lot of energy in the proposal, remember you have to leave with the desire to not hire you the feeling that you’ve done all the work.
3- Sell yourself as an expert and not as an expert

There are experts in a world that is constantly evolving as online marketing. So I invite you to sell as a specialist who knows how to surround himself with the best when there is not an issue. A professional who does everything, makes few things but doing really well. That’s the kind of professional who wants to hire a customer. To sell well have to do several things:

Create the best description of BIO yourself or your agency, one that is out of the traditional and relies on the most personal and emotional. Dare to get a smile to your client while reading what you can offer.
If you have equipment adds a photo of you is closest