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Tips to prepare your first Marketing Proposal


Become an agent 007 and scientific

Likewise, James Bond and discover why your prospective customer does not win on the Internet and then become a scientist who offers the magic formula to succeed online. Yes, really it confirms that you then have the powers to implement this formula, if you win the prospective client that you will lose.

For both scenarios have to spend time and my advice is that recicles ideas from other proposals to always create a new one for each client

Do a good structure in your proposal

The important thing is that throughout the proposal hold your attention from your client, so watch this model I propose:

Problems (for which you hired)
Solution (strategies, tactics and actions you propose)
About you (where you finish finally convince him that there is nobody better than you)

Share your successes

The agencies share their credentials which have a dataset of potential interest to your customers, in your case I invite you to share more than the logos of your clients. Share eg:

Project success stories you’ve managed
Share testimonials from your customers with photo, name and title
Make a list of things you’ve done to help other customers
General advice

Be careful with a trace of another client to be making a proposal re-adapting other existing
Spelling care
Shows flexibility in your proposal if your client is one that always has a catch
Do not include the budget unless you have asked the customer what
Use direct words and convincing no generic and boring
He also detailed without busting
Make a proposal KISS (Keep it simple, stupid)
If you’re going to include budget constraints also specifies that anyone would have to then ask for more


An unique Revenue sharing Internet Marketing Approach


Internet marketing and advertising is a need for almost all kinds of Online Businesses and hence is getting increasingly popular everyday. The results of any Internet Marketing and Digital Advertising strategy or approach is real time and increases the sales manifold.

Siren Group is an experienced and professional Internet marketing services that helps Businesses to connect with larger audience of customers and promote the products in a cost effective way i.e, with minimal expenditure maximum exposure to customers. Some of their IM services are Display marketing, SEM Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Strategies and Co-Registration. These techniques helps in reaching out to relevant targeted audience and will cater to custom marketing approaches required to take the product to a particular pool of customer segment in the market based on their needs, interests, geography and demography too.┬áMore info on the company’s profile is available at LinkedIn.

Something really special about their Marketing services is that they follow an unique marketing approach which absolutely risk free one for any Businesses and in this approach they do all the marketing and advertising for free and will manage the expenses by sharing the revenue of their Clients which is generated out of the growth driven by their Marketing. This one of its kind low risk marketing approach for start-ups and other small-scale industries/companies, who have kept a low budget for marketing. This kind of advertising and marketing solution creates a win-win scenario for both the Client and Marketing firm.


Best working Tips on Internet Marketing & Advertising Strategies


Market segmentation

As in the physical business, Internet should also segment the market and clearly define what our market or target audience, so we can focus and specialize in that market, and achieve greater efficiency.

It is advisable to start heading to a market not as extensive, but over time, not miss the great coverage of the Internet and, little by little, pointing to a much broader market.

Advice on Internet marketing

Building trust

Spanish-speaking people still have some distrust to see advertising on the Internet, to read the contents of a website and, especially, to make transactions or purchases via the Internet.

So if we want consumers to heed our advertisements, back to our website, or we come to buy, it is necessary that we win your trust previously.

For example, having a website that has a professional design, publishing quality content, with digital certificates and, if we have a blog or personal page, including our photography.

Create a style

With so many business websites need to create a style that identifies us, that differentiates us, and make us stand out from others.

Our style can be based on our business online, on our website, or even in our own personality; which should be reflected in the design of our website, in our advertising, and even in our newsroom or how to write.

Plain Language

On the Internet people like to use and using simple language with them, they do not want too complex texts, techniques or do not want big words, do not want such formality.

Internet so we should avoid the formal language used by large companies to communicate with their audience and instead use a simple and friendly language, something casual, but always respectful.

Which must be present at time of writing our advertisements or advertising messages, write our articles, post information on our web site, or communicate with consumers or customers.

Staying updated

Internet changes occur at a dizzying pace, and if we keep up with them and we catch up on, just quickly will stay behind.

Staying current could mean keep the information we provide, constantly launch new products, constantly publish new articles; but also be aware of new Internet technologies, new business models or online, and new techniques or tools online.

To follow

Track is one of the keys to success in any business or company, and missed one of the main advantages of the Internet which is the ability to easily track, would be committing a grave error.

Through the various programs that exist on the Internet, we can easily track our customers, for example, to know the way they interact on our website, or our products, for example, to know which products are more are host.


Olympic Advertising – a highly competitive marketing opportunity for Businesses


Olympics is one of the global sports event which is almost looked upon as an International festival by all countries, it is one of those few events which unites all the nations across the world and makes them remember a global unity among-st diversity. Olympics, since its inception has been a symbol of global sports culture and has attained several milestones.

From another perception, Olympics is a big opportunity for the nation which hosts it to show the world its strength to run such a big show, for a participant an opportunity to achieve in the global arena and make his nation proud and for the viewers it is a global festival that can be enjoyed with a brotherhood feeling with people across the world.

Here comes the most realistic one, which is beyond other hyped perceptions and it is the biggest advertising opportunity Olympics as a global sports festival offers, by sponsoring in Olympic Advertising, business men have a one in a million shots kind of opportunity to project their business as an international brand having a huge market base and a very powerful one in the global arena and thus to get the attention of millions of people in all the nations across the globe.