Monthly Archives: April 2017

I Love Talking to and Meeting New Customers

When I learned that a nearby flower shop was up for sale, I was immediately interested and bought it. That was 20 years ago, and I still love my work. But I have a lot more competition now, and I was trying so hard to get more interest from customers. It was really tough, and I feared that my business would not make it. In talking with other business owners, I was told that you must reach people via social media. And it is imperative to buy real Instagram followers so that it looks like your business is extremely popular amongst your competition.

Being someone who loves to socialize and I take photographs as a side hobby, I was pretty excited about using both of these things to meet more prospective customers. Joining the site is free, which is amazing considering what so many companies charge you to do advertising for you. And posting a photo to gain interest isn’t really hard at all when you already have some really basic photography knowledge. I did spend a little time reading a few websites that explained how to best engage customers with the text that you post, though. I was never the best writer in school, but with only about 30 minutes of reading about how to do it for customers, I found it was incredibly easy to put my knew knowledge to work.

The first time that a customer walked in and told me that they were following me online, I was thrilled. So, thrilled that I gave her a discount on her purchase. It made me happy, and it mad her happy as well. Not long after that, many other customers started to come in to tell me that they saw a specific item that I had posted online and they wanted to know if I had it in stock.