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Mistakes to avoid in your Digital Marketing Strategies

Do not put too many ads

A mistake that is often committed in the Internet marketing story is placing too many ads on a website.


By placing too many ads on our web site, rather than achieve our marketing objectives, we provoke the visitor decides to leave immediately or, in any case, do not trust us and did not get us to buy, or not to return more.

The advertising we place on our website should never be greater than the content should not be intrusive, but rather should be integrated with the content in a way that appears to be part of it.

Avoid spam

Another mistake is often committed in the Internet marketing story is abuse spam abuse made ​​by sending advertisements or advertising messages via email or mail.

As advertising strategy can send announcements or advertisements via email, but still try to our customers who have voluntarily given us their emails, we must never abuse this practice, it will end up losing them.

Not as extensive content

On the Internet people do not have time, they do not want content too short, but not too large and not want to have to read a lot, wants to quickly find what you are looking for, they want to go directly to the point.

So either the time of writing our articles, our advertisements or any other text on the Internet, we must always ensure that they are not too extensive and rather than be concise, concrete and precise.

Quality content

Not only people, but also the search engines are increasingly taking into account the quality of Internet content.

So if we want people to read our articles, return to our website, trust us, and we are also favored by search engines, we always try to post good quality content.

For example, publish original content of interest to the public to which it is directed, well written, without misspellings, well prepared and not simply written with the intention of gaining search engine rankings.